Friday, May 24, 2013

Authors Please!

I need authors! I can't catch up on updates! So please fill out this form to join!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Contest Winner :/ + Updates

Umm.. Sorry I haven't been posting >.< I have other blogs you know. Anyways you came here to see the winner and you see the winner. Congratulations Mia776! She won because well, she got everything right. And plus she was the only one to enter :P I don't care though, she won a red top hat.  Her Entry:

Ya I just wanted to hold up a contest.

Also, I got a weird glitch o.o

Umm, you can ignore what their saying I was too lazy to blur xD

A few updates for the store items:
Den items:
From left to right:
Earth Day Banner, Tether Ball, Bean Bag Toss, Horse shoe Set, Pinwheel, and Rope.
I like the the tetherball, bean bag toss, and pin wheel. The rope and horse shoe set really would stand out for a cowboy den/costume.

Clothes items: 
Nothing that new to the regular store, but here
Baseball cap, and baseball cleats. I like the cap 8D
And.. Epic wonders is a tuxedo o3o Also a hood with a feather

The hood with a feather would be really good to save for halloween. Or maybe even now. Because, it would be good for a Robin (I kind of forgot his name, not sure if I'm right o.o He steals from the rich and gives to the poor)? costume. Well, that's basically it for today :) See ya!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! +Contest

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Guys!!!!

Oh yes, and here is a contest to keep you busy. Try to find three grey dots. The black ones are there to trick you. Here-
And to help you with the exact colors,

 This is how to do it. I need you to find the (three) grey dots. When you find them, take a photo editor or something and circle the dots. When your done send the picture link in the comments or if you don't know how to, post it on a blog if you have one and I will accept it. 
Winner gets a free solid red top hat:

Okay good luck!

I hope you enjoy! 
~Feelin' Lucky 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scammers and Users. (Also a glitch)

Ok, first topic. Scammers.
You know why!? It's because scammers are stupid. They don't pay attention to the real reason AJ was created. It's aaaaaaallll about the raaaaares -.- The real reason I actually play AJ is for friends. I only collect rares cause it's fun. And I just like their colors and looks. But people take rares like the end of the world. I tell you what, I give away some of my good rares like my top or something. CAUSE. I. DON'T. CARE. I gave my freedom wings away. Don't believe me?! Go ask the person who I gave it to. "InternationalCoats"
Want more pathetic rares? Why not just go to my face on AJ and say: "CAN I HAVE A RARE. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD IF I DONT GET IT." Now some people are getting rares only to become popular and get more attention. And if you ask me, the plan is working. Now jammers without rares want to be friends and try to play with a rare jammer like this,

Unrare Jammer: "Hey can we be friends? You seem soo nice! :D"

Rare One: "No way, your so stupid. All you have is some dumb tie and a glove."

Guess what. I don't care. Some of my buddies don't have a lot of rares. In fact, one of them JUST STARTED. I met them because I was helping them. And they were A LOT nicer then actual rare popular jammers. I don't care if I'm rare. I don't care if I lose all my rares. I don't care how popular I become. The only thing that matters to me is friends. To be honest with you I really like the top hat (non member one) on foxes. They look cuter then the actual "rare" ones. I wish I could spend my life with my friends. I don't wanna be busy. Guys, I understand you collect rares, but keep in mind the real reason AJ was created was for friends and learning.
OFF WITH THAT TOPIC *Crumbles Topic and Throws it Out* (Seriously that topic is important though o.o)

Next topic, Usernames!!!
I'm not saying this is a bad topic, it's a fun topic. I find a lot of food user names! Like "Toast, Cottoncandy77, BrowniesForLife0, Doughnutt" It's funny! I like to make user names like UnicornsGoRawr or FlyingNyans, FuzzyUnicornFeet. I don't care if you make those your user names. Want to tell me your user names? And how you got it? (If you want) It's such a blast trying to make one without numbers and stuff. It's like a challenge. You can't use the same user name, and I can understand why :P If you want to tell me your user below just tell me your user name and how you got it if you want. Plus anyone can comment if you didn't notice, so you can comment without logging in.
Oh yea I went to go see my friend and I was gonna follow her, then this happend.
Her name tag isn't tempAvt. I had this happen a lot. I hope AJ fixes this!
Anyways that's all. Bye~

Sunday, March 10, 2013

VivaCandyz Joins The Blog!

Hi guys, this is me vivacandyz, and i just joined axewlove's blog! it amazing! i'm so proud to be in axewlove's blog. Axew, your like my sister :)
Thank you for letting me be an author.. lol.. Will i shall make your blog, the best as i can!
I hope you jammers enjoy axewlove's blog! i know i do :D
Peace Out By VivaCandyz!
Also check out! Me and axewlove also made it! :DDD

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ok I was with my friends and one of them said to my member friends to wear a 45 gem necklace.
Then sit. And TADA,,, A princess necklace xD
Heres how to do it step by step.

First you need a raccoon.

Then you need to wear a 45 gem necklace
After you need to sit.
And look! A princess necklace!

After that I said to my friends AJ could have took the 45 gem necklace, and then edited it to a princess necklace. I guess that's how it was created. o3o

Credit to:
Axewlove (Me) for pictures
Kittens77676 for telling us how to do the glitch
sammy57349 for doing the glitch

Oh also I was at this den and the owner was editing it, so she took out the floor and she put it on I think and this happened:

Wow, I guess AJ knew when they took out some of the glitches the jammers missed it. They probably made new glitches to make the jammers feel better? XD

Well that's it for today! Bye and Jam On!